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How do you do Coffee? Grab n Go or Sit n Savor?  December 2022

There’s basically two ways to get your daily fix of caffeine. What I like to call the ‘grab and go’ option versus the ‘sit and saver’ option.  

The first unfortunately is how most of us do it most of the time. We hit the snooze button, rush around doing everything we need to do at home before we can rush out the door to rush to work. We frantically allow a few minutes to stop by our local coffee shop, stress out if the line is too long, and then mindlessly drink the coffee while we’re driving to work, worried that we’ll be late.  Sometimes this is our only option, or maybe we’d just rather have someone else make our coffee for us. But there are a few very simple things that you can do to slow down and enjoy the experience.

  1. Look for a coffee house that you can feel good about. Make sure they offer organic and fair trade coffee, have happy employees, support the community, and make you feel special. And most importantly, be sure they greet you with a genuine smile.

  2. Bring your own mug - you know, that favorite one – that one that you really love - and be sure to ask the counter person to preheat it for you - after smiling at them of course.

  3. When you get your coffee, take a moment to breath in the aroma, and add a few extra deep breaths for good measure. Take a minute to be grateful for all the loving hands that have touched this coffee from seed to cup just so you could enjoy it.

  4. Now you can just enjoy this beautiful beverage, and the beautiful day to come.

 Yes, life can be crazy busy but we know that we are better off, happier and more productive when we slow down and take some time to be mindful and enjoy the small pleasures of life. And coffee certainly fits that bill. Done right, coffee can delight all of our senses. To take it to the next level, try what I refer to as the ‘Sip and Savor’ method. If you’re a real coffee snob, chances are this is what you’re already doing. 

And yes, it does involve a little more time. Well actually, probably a lot more time than the grab and go option, but the end result will be worth the time and effort you put into it.

  1. Start with the right coffee. Buy coffee that you feel good about. Be sure it’s organic and that the roaster has respect not only for the product but also for the people who grow and process it. Make sure that the coffee is fresh and that they are not using that slick metallic packaging for the elusion of freshness. And always, always buy whole bean coffee. When you get your coffee home be sure to store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.

  2. Grind only the amount of coffee that you need for what you’re brewing right now. There’s more than one way to create a brilliant cup of coffee, and each one requires a different grind. Most likely you have experimented around to find what works best for you. If not, there’s a lot of geeky information out there. The important thing here is to enjoy each step in the process. After the beans are ground, take a moment to savor the earthy aroma and visualize the far-off exotic land where it was grown, and the indigenous people who work that land.

  3. As the water hits the ground coffee, immerse yourself in the smells and the emotions that only fresh brewed coffee can bring. The only thing better than doing it yourself is if someone else is doing it for you. Making coffee for someone can be the ultimate gift of love, especially first thing in the morning.

  4. For those of you who are pure coffee snobs, you might want to ignore this step. It just involves adding whatever sweetener or creamer that makes you happy. No guilt - no judgment. Everyone should be able to enjoy their coffee just the way they want it without someone judging them. So enjoy it just the way you like it, without guilt! This step can be kicked up even a few more notches by making it bulletproof – but that’s another story for another time.

  5. Ah yes, the final step - the reward for all of your previous efforts. Now is the time to enjoy. Sit down, relax and enjoy some precious time; either alone with your thoughts or a good book, or together with a friend sharing a special moment in time.

Respect yourself for taking this time, and remember to love and respect all of those responsible for creating this incredible experience… 

With peace, love and respect,


jahva mama




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