Red coffee cherries on a coffee plant representing Signature's limited edition medium roast Costa Rica Coffee. USDA organic logo.

Costa Rica - Pérez Zeledón Cooperative

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This well-balanced organic coffee is from 75 cooperative members, each with just a few acres of land, who focus their attention on organic farm management. The coffee is processed in a single mill, using recycled water, and mechanically dried using coffee parchment to fuel the furnace. In addition to coffee, the cooperative also cultivates an incredibly diverse range of organic produce including bananas, pineapples, oranges, ginger, turmeric, and rambutan. This allows for extra income to fund a medical clinic and pharmacy.  We love this coffee because it supports so many small farmers and because their love and care shine through in the taste - a little bit fruity and a little bit milky chocolate.

PHOTO CREDIT - Royal Coffee