Karyn Lee-Thomas  (owner/founder)

Pictured here on a coffee farm in El Salvador, Karyn is passionate about making a difference in the world by using Signature Coffee as a vehicle for environmental and social change. She currently serves as chair of the Sustainability Council of the Specialty Coffee Association; is president-elect of her local Rotary Club and serves as director of the area’s community credit union. She loves traveling, gardening, nature and being an environmental activist. She drinks yerba mate, japanese matcha and her current favorite coffee is the Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia.

Feel Good About the Coffee You Drink !

Miranda Parson  (general manager)

Miranda is involved in the local schools and is a youth soccar coach. She loves the redwoods and her three awesome boys! She prefers dark roast coffees and is currently a big fan of the biodynamic Ramanand Estate coffee from India. Miranda has been a member of our Signature family for over ten years.

Reuben Mood  (roastmaster)

Reuben is a little league baseball coach, a community event volunteer and proud parent. He loves animals, bicycling, gardening, microbrews and learning new things. He drinks copious quantities of coffee and is especially fond of Papua New Coffee beans. He lives in he heart of the Humboldt nation in the sprawling metropolis of Garberville.

Amber Dawn Robinson  (retail manager)

Amber volunteers as a youth basketball coach. She loves the rain and shopping. Although she drinks Sumatra coffee religiously, she is currently in love with the Ethiopian Amaro Gayo coffee. She likes workings and Signature and has been keeping our customers happy for seven years.

Scott Bliss  (coffee roaster)

Scott is a board member of the local Community Credit Union, and Community Cornerstone. Hopelessly in love with his wife Claire, a first grade teacher. Also works at Briceland Winery and does architectural and art glass work. Loves dark roast coffees but is currently a slave to our Ethiopian Amaro Gayo coffee.

Chelsea Keahon  (retail)

Loves being outside, either working or playing. Enjoys spending quality time at home with friends, family and her boyfriend Frank. Enjoys working at Signature and can’t get enough Breakfast Blend.

Tomlyn Shannon (coffee packaging & computer entry)

Tomlyn loves her kids, boyfriend, dogs, gardening and her house with it’s wonderful view of the lost coast. She also loves drinking Black Thunder every single day.

Hannah Whitlow  (retail)

Hannah was raised here in Humboldt. She trains horses and competes in barrel racing as much as possible. She loves her husband Lonny and her four legged children;  two horses and 2 dogs. She enjoys working at Signature and can’t decide if she like the Amaro Gayo or the Papua New Guiene coffee the best.

Louie Mozkovitch  (coffee packaging)

Louie “likes to wear my hat on my head.” He loves Dinonuggets and his favorite coffee is the Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his Shitsu Shorty, and spending time with his family and friends all of which help him enjoy life to the fullest.

Sarah Short  (retail)

Sarah is a native of Humboldt County. She is still experimenting with all the different coffees, but knows that she loves the Sumatra coffee and will be sad to see the end of this season’s Ethiopian Amaro Gayo. She loves to volunteer her time for the Mateel Community Center and you’ll see her at most events. She’s a busy girl with two jobs while going to college full time. When she’s not serving the best coffee around at Signature - you can find her at the river.

Kelly Larson  (coffee packaging)

Kelly has worked at Signature Coffee bagging beans since November 2010. She enjoys Brazil coffee the best and finds delight in blueberry scones. Kelly is passionate about ecological and social sustainability and loves working for a company that supports the health of our environment. She enjoys writing songs, keeping in touch with family and friends and days filled with sunshine!