Japanese Matcha
Matcha is green tea that has been steamed, dried and ground into a fine powder using  a stone mortar. We now offer top quality organic ceremonial grade matcha, as well as organic matcha for use in smoothies, ice cream and baking.
‶ I love the high from matcha.! It’s a more subtle stimulant than coffee, but the energy boost is there and the ability to focus is amazing! ″  karyn
T401 Organic Matcha. 30gr tin. ceremonial grade matcha.$26.95
T402 Organic Matcha. 4oz bag. Grade A. great for smoothies and cooking
T520 Chasen. the whisk used in the preperation of the green tea.    $16.95

T521 Chasyaku. the traditional bamboo scoop for measuriing the matcha. $5.95
Click HERE for instructions how to prepare matcha.HowToMakeMatcha.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0